Frankfurt, 31.08.2010

Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

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01. Why Try
02. 9 Teen 90 Nine
03. My Generation
04. Livin' It Up
05. A Lesson Learned
06. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
07. It'll Be OK
08. Boiler
09. My Way
10. Douche Bag
11. Break Stuff
12. Walking Away
13. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
14. Hot Dog
15. I'm Broke
16. Take A Look Around
17. Counterfeit (Richard Cheese)
18. Pollution
19. Nookie
20. Faith (George Michael cover)

Source 1: Video - AUD (Panasonic NV-GS 230)
Taper: vonholdt
Time: 98 mins
Format: DVD M
Comments: Full show.

Source 2: Video - AUD (Panasonic SDR-S150)
Taper: Dennis
Time: 95 mins
Format: DVD M
Comments: Encore break is cut.

Show Notes:
-This show marked the first performances of 'Why Try' and 'Walking Away'. The band was very nervous to play them Fred explained before 'Behind Blue Eyes'.
-Fred missed his cue on the second part of the first 'Why Try' chorus.
-'9 Teen 90 Nine' has been performed for the first time in 10 years. This show also marks the second performance of 'I'm Broke' for 10 years.
-Fred sang the first verse of 'Counterfeit' over a swing sample of DJ Lethal but broke up then. 'Pollution' has been started but after the first chorus Fred broke it up because the crowd did not went crazy enough. On the intro of 'Nookie' you can hear Fred say: 'I thought some of you guys might know about Three Dollar Bill, sorry about that'.
-After the bridge of 'Behind Blue Eyes', Fred let the crowd sing a part of the song. They sang it so loud which prompted Fred to shout 'Wooooo'.
-Fred brought up 2 fans from the crowd which had a poster with the words 'The best we fucking have' and the band drawn before 'My Way' and let them be on stage for the whole song.