Codroipo, 12.07.2011

Codroipo, Italy
Villa Manin

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01. Introbra
02. Bring It Back
03. Douche Bag
04. Hot Dog
05. My Generation
06. Livin' It Up
07. My Way
08. Re-Arranged
09. Break Stuff
10. Shotgun
11. Boiler
12. Nookie
13. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
14. Gold Cobra
15. N2 Gether Now
16. Take A Look Around
17. All Apologies (Nirvana cover)
18. Faith (George Michael cover)
19. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)

Source 1: Video - AUD (Canon HV20) (center Angle)
Taper: farco777
Time: ? mins
Format: BluRay (1080p)
Comments: Full show. Excellent video quality. Uncirculated.

Show Notes:
-Dope D.O.D. joined the band for 'N2 Gether Now'.
-This was the only time (besides the München 20.09.2010 show) that the band covered 'All Apologies' by Nirvana. The song was not played fully though.
-After 'Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)', the band played a cover medley, starting with 'Master Of Puppets by Metallica, going on with 'Holy Wars' by Megadeth and 'Blind' by KoRn (for the first time since the Auckland 19.01.2001 Auckland show!) and finished with 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana.