Moscow, 05.06.2012

Moscow, Russia
Stadium Live

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01. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
02. Why Try
03. Gold Cobra
04. 9 Teen 90 Nine
05. Get A Life
06. Bring It Back
07. Eat You Alive
08. Almost Over
09. It'll Be OK
10. Re-Arranged
11. Douche Bag
12. My Way
13. Nookie
14. Break Stuff
15. Take A Look Around
16. Faith (George Michael cover)
17. My Generation

Source 1: Video - AUD (Sony HDR-XR260) (Left Angle)
Taper: psinka
Time: 98 mins
Format: .mts (1080p)
Comments: Full show, recorded from first row.

Source 2: Audio - AUD (Tascam DR-07MK)
Taper: psinka
Time: 98 mins
Format: lossless
Comments: Full show.

Show Notes:
-This was the first time '9 Teen 90 Nine' has been played since the Moscow 03.10.2010 show.
-First time that 'It'll Be OK', 'Get A Life', 'Douche Bag' and 'Almost Over' have been played in 2012.
-This was the first time ever that 'My Generation' closed the show.
-This was the first time that 'Livin' It Up' has not been played since the reunion in 2009.
-Wes, Sam and John jammed a bit of 'Sour' before 'Douche Bag' and 'Stalemate' before 'Nookie'.
-Fred dedicated 'Nookie' to the women in attendance.
-At one point at the show, Fred said that the night before was a concert and that this night was a party.
-This show was the first one that had the crowd sitting down during the 'My Generation' bridge, most likely due to it closing the show.
-Fred picked up 3 fans before 'Eat You Alive' and let two of them sing the song with him. During the bridge, one of them tried to swap caps with Fred, what caused in Fred being mad and pushing him away from himself. Afterwards Fred said "do not fucking touch me! .. I don't fucking touch you, you don't touch me, bitch!".